Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sea users

Finding Sanctuary fishing and recreational maps - final opportunity to check.

As their period of data collection is coming to an end, Finding Sanctuary are asking sea users across the region to check the maps that have created with the data collected so far.  These maps include data collected between October 2007 and September 2010 by Finding Sanctuary Liaison Officers and
via the Interactive Map, so Finding Sanctuary anticipate adding more information and creating the final maps used in Marine Conservation Zone decision making by the end of November.

All maps are available at: http://www.finding-sanctuary.org/page/resources.html under the "general"
 tab of the resources page of the website. Once you have downloaded the map (s) of their choice, Finding sanctuary are asking people to check that the data represents a true picture of the region (based on the knowledge of their area and sector of interest). If not, there are three options for you to comment:

1.       If there are inaccuracies in the data or comments about the way it is presented please contact Shaun Lewin at shaun.lewin@southwestfoodanddrink.com

 2.       If fishing, club or charter boat data is missing please contact John Weinberg, Dorset Finding Sanctuary Liaison Officer: 0778675294 or john.weinberg@southwestfoodanddrink.com

 3.       If recreational data (boating, diving, sea angling) is missing please visit www.mczmapping.org register and enter your data.

No more data or comments will be able to be incorporated in Finding Sanctuary’s MCZ planning work after 31st October.

Matilda Bark
Policy Assistant
Dorset Coast Forum
C/o Environment Services
Dorset County Council
01305 224833

http://www.dorsetcoast.com/ or http://www.cscope.eu/

Monday, February 01, 2010

What about a reef off Swanage?

Environment Agency backs 'Wreck to Reef' project
The Environment Agency (EA) has supported the first phase of a scheme to
obtain permission to sink a ship that can be used as an artificial reef for
divers at Ringstead. ‘The lack of premiere diving venues in the South West
was a key finding of the recent Enjoying Water strategy, led by the EA.
They are keen to encourage more people to use the coast and inland water
for recreation in a sustainable manner.  The first phase of the Wreck to
Reef will concentrate on commissioning independent experts to produce a
series of surveys necessary to progress the project in a sustainable way.
The EA has contributed £8,000 towards a marine survey of the proposed site,
an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of sinking a vessel and a
comprehensive business plan.

Special Areas

4. Lyme Regis: Fishermen in talks over proposed Special Conservation Areas
off Dorset coast
A public meeting in Lyme Regis held by Natural England (NE) about its plans
to designate areas in Lyme Bay as a Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) to
protect rare habitats and species took place.
Bridport News reported (28 Jan 10) that some fishermen boycotted the
meeting as they believed the decision had already been made. However,
Louisa Knights of NE emphasised that “It’s not a done deal” and that the
aim of the meeting was to encourage people to feed into the SAC
consultation. The full article can be found at:
There is still time to feed into this consultation with more information

Finding Sanctuary announces countdown for south-west sea users
Finding Sanctuary have announced that there are now just five months left
for sea users to come forward and share their information and observations
about the areas of sea they use in the south-west with the Finding
Sanctuary project. In doing so people are helping to ensure that commercial
and leisure interests can be taken into account in the planning of new
Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). So far over 700 sea anglers, 300 divers
and 40 sailing and yacht clubs have shared their views and data with the
project, but there are many more sea users in the region who have yet to
get in touch. Finding Sanctuary is particularly keen to hear from charter
boat operators, kayakers, jetskiiers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers
as these groups are currently underrepresented.
You can get involved by:
- Visiting the interactive map and sharing your knowledge
- Attending an drop-in day – details on our website
- Contacting your Dorset liaison officer John Weinberg on 07788 675 294

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Conservation Zone

Natura 2000 – new Marine Conservation Areas:  commencement of formal consultation

Natural England, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the Countryside Council for Wales are undertaking a formal consultation on 10 possible marine Special Areas of Conservation and 2 potential Special Protection Areas in English, Welsh and offshore waters around the UK.
The closing date of the formal consultation is 26th February 2010.

More info at: http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/about_us/news/2009/271109.aspx

You can download documents about the Poole Bay to Lyme Bay zone at:


Friday, November 06, 2009

Coastal Protection Zone

Alan Lander has arranged a meeting at which Natural England will explain the coastal protection zone which is to be introduced from Poole Harbour round to Weymouth (I believe). The meeting will be on Tuesday 10th November at 7 p.m. in the Council chamber at the Town Hall.

(I'm afraid I can't add much about this, but I believe there is some concern that proposals will impact on fishing and other activity. No doubt we will find out more at the meeting.)

Mike Hadley

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prepare for the Olympics!

There will be a meeting at the Town Hall, Swanage, on Friday 6th March, from 3 - 4.30, to discuss how we can plan and prepare and make the most of the Sailing Olympics at Weymouth in 2012. Gary Fooks, Olympic Legacy Manager, will be present to discuss how this once in a lifetime opportunity could provide benefits before the Olympics, during the events and a lasting legacy beyond.Anyone in business or interested in entrepreneurial opportunities should try to be there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Meeting 5th June

Swanage Bay Users Association
(Draft) Minutes of meeting
Held on Thursday 5th June 2008 at The Globe

Committee Members Present: Roger Marsh, Yasmin Marsh, Mike Hadley, Mark Rowley, John Lucas, Amanda Rowley, Pete Williams, Pat Collins, Justin Streams

1 Moorings:

The Sailing Club has applied for a second mooring area in the bay to increase their moorings to 40. The Club have already put down approx additional 20 moorings in this extended area.

The following concerns were raised over this additional mooring area:

* Close proximity to the established / existing moorings

* Apparently the Sailing Club are claiming the new mooring area requires the removal of long-established moorings owned by others

* There has apparently been damage to property: incidents of moorings being cut (one three times in a few days). This has been reported to the Marine Police. It was emphasised that no one can be certain who cut these moorings.

* There have been threats of physical violence from at least one member of the Sailing Club if a mooring was not removed

* Loss of area for fishing nets

* The risk of insurance premiums increasing as if more yachts are left on moorings (these new moorings are more exposed as further into the bay) and get washed up, as one already has in the last month, then Swanage Bay will become a high insurance risk, affecting all others.

* Reduced visibility of the 5 knot buoys, so more dangerous for people coming on and off boats, and moving among moorings.

* Reduced space in the bay for other watersports.

Mike Hadley felt this was a serious matter that required prompt resolution, which would probably involve a meeting between all interested parties, brokered by an independent party. It was agreed that this should include Moorings Association, Sailing Club, Crown Estate, and commercial operators. Mike suggested that it might be appropriate for the Town Clerk be involved as this affects the entire town.

Pat has spoken to the Crown Estate with regard to the new mooring area and the GPS points. The Crown Estate representative will come down to discuss & review in next two weeks. We will try & arrange a meeting between all parties prior to and at the visit.

2 5 knot buoys:

Mike Hadley reported that he had had discussions with Mike Cemm (SSC) and with Mike Goater (PDC) regarding the fact that a number of buoys are in the wrong location. (PDC are responsible for laying these). Although the new positions have been agreed, PDC say that Swanage Town Council is seeking to take over enforcement of the speed limit. This requires a byelaw to be passed, which PDC is happy to arrange once it receives official confirmation from STC. This is awaited, and then PDC say they will implement the new positions and the new byelaw.

3 Boat Park:

There was some concern expressed at the high cost of launching fees (although some said they seem fair in comparisons to others). Mike Hadley noted that the rate is in part set by comparison with other launch sites, but if people feel a case can be made for lower prices, they should present their argument to the Council for consideration.

Mike to check if slipway is still being cleared regularly and to find out the latest position on funding to repair the jetty.

4 Breakwater:

There was some discussion about the concept of a ‘breakwater’ that might serve as a dive reef as well as providing shelter from waves. Roger noted the need to be careful about sand movements.

5 AGM:

AGM to be held in next 2/3 weeks at Sailing Club if possible. Amanda to check availability with Chris Rabson and meeting to be confirmed. Amanda to produce posters to promote the AGM, also to send letter to Advertiser and letters to all local boating organisations including RNLI, Rowing Club, Sailing Club, Ocean Bay Watersports, Coastguard to invite them to attend.
A draft Agenda for the AGM was discussed and will be finalised over next two weeks.

6 2012 Olympics:

Mike mentioned the future Sailing Olympics to be held in Weymouth in 2012 and the Dress Rehearsal scheduled for 2010, how we thought this would impact Swanage and whether there were any opportunities for the town and water based activities. This topic to be added to Agenda to try any promote some positive ideas for the town

Dates for your diary:
AGM date to be confirmed June 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Olympic opportunities?

The Olympics are really not too far away, with the Olympics in general and the Sailing Olympics in Weymouth , in particular, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. I've heard estimates of 40,000 journalists alone, and 2000 spectator yachts expected at Weymouth, with people from over 60 countries. Although the Sailing Olympics take place in 2012, there will be major "test events " in 2010 and 2011. There are opportunities for all sorts of businesses to get involved, and to benefit during the events as well as before and beyond. I'm trying to arrange a presentation in Swanage, but meanwhile,if you think you or business could benefit, you might be interested in two things: free training and registering as a potential supplier. To register as a supplier, see: http://www.competefor.com and https://etenders.london2012.com . For training, see: http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/sharingtheflame/